Usually this section would be called “About Us” but at You. Realty we focus on You, talk about You. and think about You. In fact our business is all about You, the realtor.

Our goal is to create a virtual real estate agency; one that focuses on the realtor. We believe that with a network of passionate and driven realtors, we’ll have customers that breeze through the buying and selling process with a smile on their face and a skip in their step. We’ve stripped away the frills that add no value to our industry, and instead we’ve invested in the latest technologies that help us put more money in your pocket. We recognise that the only thing that really sells houses is people – people like You!

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Why Join Us?

Earn what you’re worth!

With the lion’s share of the commission split going to the realtor, You. Realty is offering a seriously attractive commission structure. Finally, an agency that recognises who’s doing all the hard work, and rewards You. for it.

Let’s build some wealth!

Work now. Earn later. Chill later! You. Realty has a long-term savings plan for our realtors so You. can focus on closing deals today, and know that You. won’t have to be closing deals forever.

A second income stream!

In addition to our attractive commission split, You. stand to earn extra commission if You. are one of our top earners. You. can also gear up your commission by referring new agents.

Let’s keep it simple!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ll take care of it for You, by taking the hassle out of any property transaction. The You. Realty difference is in the efficiency our realtors bring to the process, enabled by a brilliant technology platform, and inspired by the freedom to work without boundaries.

Let's be clear!

The buying and selling process can be a complex transaction, leaving one feeling a little uneasy. With a You. Realtor by your side, you’ll have all the info You. need to leave You. feeling informed and confident about your buy or sell. No smoke and mirrors; just the facts and figures to guide You. along the way.

Keeping You. comfortable!

At You. Realty, we’ve been around the block and we know our industry inside out. We dot all our i’s and cross all our t’s to make sure we leave no detail unchecked when we’re assisting a client in buying or selling a home. You’ll be reassured by our tenacity and wowed by our work ethic.

It’s Your Time!

No office hours, and no office. So You. can work where You. want, and when You. want. At You. Realty, we know that productivity doesn’t depend on bricks and mortar. You. own your time, allowing You. to be there for life’s most important moments.

Explore open Spaces!

You. can sell any house, anywhere. At You. Realty, we don’t define areas with imaginary lines. Work where You. want, and with whom You. want. There’ll be no turf wars around here.

It’s an important job!

We believe that being a realtor is a dignified profession. As professionals, realtors uphold certain high standards. We treat our clients with respect and understanding and as professionals; we’re willing to earn that same respect.

It’s all about results!

Results mean a successful sale or purchase or a lease; a signature on the bottom line of a deal.You. Realtors are motivated to deliver results because with attractive commission structures, work-where-and-when-You-want arrangements, and a leading-edge back-end property platform: who wouldn’t?! You. Realtors have our eyes on the prize at all times: moving properties for people, with passion.

Meet the Founders

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