I’ve been in the real estate game for over 30 Years and myself and partners have created a global brand that is different to the standard type of estate agency.  One that not only serves well for our clients but for our agents, too. A unique and simplified approach in working with us that benefits You. in the short and long term.

South Africa and its flourishing suburbs are flush with homes that need to be sold, bought or rented. Our You. family of partners are doing it out there because they are driven. We are a solid and professional team of passionate estate agents. WELCOME to You. Realty.

Here are those 5 Reasons of many:

  1. Our approach to business is DYNAMIC!
  2. You. can work ANYWHERE!
  3. Our Commission Split will make You. go, GAGA … OOH LA LA.
  4. Strong Career Development Guidance and SUPPORT.
  5. In addition to your Earnings, You. Realty agents receive a special SAVINGS PLAN

Are You. interested in becoming a You. Realty agent? Contact Trevor on 082 334 4433

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