Selling a home can sometimes be a difficult and emotional process.  There is often an elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about- The Price!

There are a lot of other factors but at the end of day the market and the buyers will tell the true story

No matter what the objections are with regard to your home everything has a certain value and at the right price there will be a buyer.

Buyers today are sophisticated. It is a world of information and the information regarding recent comparative sales is easily available.

Sellers often think that they can market at a certain price and buyers will make offers but this logic has flaws. It is human nature to “buy up”. Buyers start at a certain price and invariably land up buying at a price higher than they originally entered the market at. If you price it too high you miss these buyers- too far to reach and the buyers at your listed price tend to buy a property at a higher price point.

Even in a bad market there are buyers but they are buying at different price point. The market never sleeps or stands still.

A brand new property creates activity when it is released onto the market. Make sure that you capitalise on this by pricing your home correctly. The activity will die as other properties as listed onto the market and you will have lost an opportunity.

When you engage an agent to sell your home they are normally experts and have all the facts and figures at their disposal. Listen to the experts . Take heed of the facts. The market does not lie.

You want to create competition among buyers. Two buyers competing for a home has the result of pushing the price up. This only happens if you market at the right price. One or no buyers interested in your home well…… has no effect!

In conclusion selling your home can be an enjoyable experience if you price your home. Price your home wrong and the selling experience will be something you want to forget as soon as possible.

So when you put your home on the market will you price it right ?

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