Keep track of what kind of content works for your audience, and keep posting it

Facebook can be a key component of any real estate agent’s marketing plan. But you need to have the right Facebook set-up. Then, you need to post appealing content on a regular basis.

If you only have a personal profile page, it’s smart to set up a business page (go to the bottom of the left column and click on “page”). When you post real estate-related posts on a business page, they automatically appear on your personal page, plus you can manually share them to your personal page as many times as you wish.

Unlike your personal page, a business page allows you to track how many views and how much interaction each post gets. Past clients can leave reviews— an excellent marketing tool. And, you can only “boost” posts on a business page.

Facebook marketing’s biggest payoff, however, comes from content that grabs prospects’ attention and keeps them coming back for more. To make your Facebook page the go-to site for all things related to the area where you do business, Nicole Solari and Heather Sittig give some ideas on how to spark your content creativity and in so doing encourage authentic social conversations.

Business news

1. Day-to-day real estate business

Everybody has to live somewhere, so people are rabidly interested in real estate — what’s available, how much it sells for, what their house is worth, whether they can afford a house and what’s new on the market.

So draw attention by posting new listings, just sold, upcoming open houses, etc. and offer property search capability. You can add an IDX search feature on your Facebook page itself, or you can hyperlink the page to your own website’s search feature.

You can promote your website itself if you do it cleverly. For every post, try to incorporate high-quality photos and/or videos. Property videos themselves make great stand-alone posts if use your own YouTube or Vimeo channel.

2. The magic of good staging or decorating

Facebook regulars love before-and-after photos derived from staging a property. That gives you a way to boost a current listing as well as prospect for new business.

Based on Facebook users’ enthusiasm for before-and-afters, you’d think people would eat-up home improvement ideas. But they don’t seem to.

However, you can experiment yourself. Different audiences in different markets behave differently. It costs nothing to try a variety of decorating, DIY and landscape improvement project posts — see what works and doesn’t.

3. Do the expected in unexpected ways

Every agency has a variety of canned Facebook messages and graphics for every conceivable occasion. And everyone posts theirs on exact date of the holiday.

Your post will only stand out if it is funny, offbeat or delivered on a different day. For example, if you want to wish your Facebook followers a happy Thanksgiving and actually have them see it, post good wishes the week before the holiday, and include your grandmother’s magical recipe that can be made a week in advance.

Mix business with fun 

1. Lifestyle photos and videos and posts

Make it a point to alternate business and lifestyle posts. In fact, if you want to go a little heavier on the lifestyle posts than the business, you’re still fostering interest in your market.

Post food and entertainment news, restaurant openings and closings, beautiful views, spectacular sunsets, special events in your area, seasonal festivals, even photos from the farmer’s market and street scenes make good posts.

People love to see their towns looking their best and prospective buyers considering your area are interested in what life is like in your town throughout the year.

2. Personal posts

Showcase your market through your own activities. Posting a photo of your dog among others at the annual fundraising walk for animal causes or selfies with friends at fun local events allows Facebook followers to feel they know you without actually providing much private information.

You, your friends and your animals are props in a post about how much fun your market area is.

3. Run a poll or ask for advice

You can ask about anything — a marketing strategy you’re thinking about using, whether the cartoons an artist drew of you would look professional in the right circumstances, what followers are most looking forward to doing this summer or what the best Holiday treats are.


Ask for recommendations such as the best places to walk your dog or where to get the best brownies. Note: Stay far away from politics and other controversial topics. Hosting a brawl on your Facebook page is counterproductive.

4. Share videos and video links promoting your town

Historic home tours, visitor-oriented videos featuring whatever your town is best known for (beer, wine, chocolate, ice cream, cars), showpiece gardens, highlights of each season and so forth. Videos, in general, pull a larger audience and deserve more frequent use.

5. Feature real estate humour

You can buy real estate-related cartoons by hiring a local cartoonist or using a national service like Glasbergen Cartoon Service. You can tell funny stories from your own experience (is there a single agent who hasn’t had at least one showing where a person stepped out of the shower just as you opened the bathroom door?).

You can show terrible real estate photos (it’s best to mine them from a market outside your own).

You can be on the lookout for unintentional sign humour and post photos of those. Or you can find real estate humour on Pinterest and share examples. A laugh is sometimes the greatest gift you can deliver. So feel free to be funny.

6. Thank a trusted sub-contractor or supplier who never lets you down 

When I was active in the market, I knew that when I called on my painters, they would be there and get the job done right. That kind of trust and reliability is worth calling out and celebrating!

7. Shout out to your lunch server

Even if the food wasn’t great, if your waiter or waitress was pleasant, talk about it! You’re both in the service industry, and it’s nice to get a pat on the back for a job well done.

8. Start a power playlist

What song gets you going and helps you take on the day? Post it, and then ask your Facebook friends, twittersphere or snapchatters to contribute tracks. Build out the playlist in Spotify, and make it public. Then add the link to the end of the thread.

9. Celebrate a seller or a boost a buyer

The best part of our real estate clients is how different they all are. Did you work with someone who does outreach work or volunteers? Or maybe a client is also an artist? Share that!

10. Create a helpful glossary

There are so many terms in real estate that homeowners don’t know. Pick the top five, and write a short definition in everyday language.

11. Capture your cart

Next time you go grocery shopping, take a picture of the cart as it fills up. Talk about what you buy and why.

Even fess up to some indulgences, or reveal your family’s food obsessions. Do it while you’re in line at checkout. Everybody eats. It’s fascinating to see what they eat, though!

12. Talk about money matters

This one is pretty typical, but try not to just cut and paste today’s mortgage rates. Maybe ask a lender for a quote about the current market, and include a link to your neighbourhood report.

13. Feature a teacher

If your child is still school age, this is an easy one. And if not, go visit your local public school, and ask in the office who they’d suggest you meet.

Talk about community heroes — give them the thanks they deserve!

14. All about an app

What apps do you absolutely rely on everyday? Whether real estate-related, personal or even fun, take a screenshot, and talk about it. Then ask your sphere what apps they can’t do without.

15. Tag a team member

Few agents work entirely alone. Turn the lens to your co-worker, team member or assistant.

Does this person bring you coffee? Make you laugh? Inspire you to go the extra mile? Share the love.

16. Take a bite of something new 

Go outside your comfort zone, and try some food you’ve never had before.

17. Spotlight a local business

Small businesses need local support. And as a local expert, you’re uniquely positioned to do just that. Tag their page. Take a selfie in the store or with their product.

18. Throwback Thursday in your town

Do an image search for older photos from your community. What does that area look like now? Can you get the same shot for a side by side?

Does anyone remember it or have a personal story? People love to see how their area has changed.

19. Share the gratitude 

We all get by with a little help from our friends. Who do you want to thank? How did they help? Gratitude looks good on everyone!

Now that we have armed you with new ideas, go forth and engage your social media audience.

Track your posts and the response to them. Post more of the type of items that get the most views and interaction and fewer of those that don’t. Keep doing that. Regularly. And you’ll be fine.


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